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Thursday, September 11, 2014


A significant day, Sept. 11, 2001
America was changed for
better and for worse, 
I am sure.

Many people, innocent people lost their
Families were torn apart because of this disaster.
Mothers, fathers, children, brothers, sisters
aunts, uncles, cousins,
you name it.
Families destroyed.

I am fairly sure that many people in our country have asked:
"Why? Why would God let this happen?"
"How could this happen to us?"
"God wouldn't let this happen to those He loves/cares about."
"There is no god..if there were, this wouldn't have happened if there were."

I remember 9/11/11 clearly:
I was working for a telemarketing place on Route 61, I was making a call and the 
phone wouldn't dial. I tried several times. The business I was trying to contact
as well as several other after that were in the New York area.
I kept getting busy signals. 
Then we got the news:
The World Trade Center was crashed into by some planes.

My thoughts went to all the people there in the buildings. I remember praying 
that they are safe.
My thoughts also turned to a friend that I have who works in the City as well as
family members who also live in the state of New York.

Shortly after, there was word that the second tower was hit, and a bit later, word came that 
there were problems in Washington and also in Shanksville.
I have family who work in Washington and worried for her as well,
again, I offered up prayers for all involved.

NOW, forward, 9/11/14.....
13 years later.
Everywhere, everyone is calling, Let us never forget, God Bless America, 
Never forget
I am sure there are more, but these are the ones that come across the most.

I do agree, we must never forget what happened to our country, HOWEVER,
I don't think we should be asking God to bless America.
We/America needs to bless God.

Maybe when we start blessing God, we will see some changes in our world,
in our lives, in everything, everywhere.

God certainly will not bless a country that is going on the basis of  sodomy,
abortion, same sex marriage. Our country is running on lies and deception.
Our country refuses to see how these things are wrong, sinful, and going
against His commandments.
Did Jesus endure this for nothing?!?!

I am very sad for families that lost loved ones, I am sad for people who continue
to follow the wrong path.
I pray that one day, our country will be what it was meant to be.

May the souls of the faithful departed, by the mercy of God rest in peace.

God Bless.

Thursday, August 14, 2014


There are many questions that go through the mind of parents as they find out there is another baby on the way, some of them are:
Will we have enough love? Can we give each child the attention they need? Will we have enough hugs/kisses? Can we meet their needs? 
I will answer these after giving my experiences with having a large family.

My family
  I had these same questions when we decided to have our family grow, it didn't happen when Marcus was born as Matthew had 15 years to himself with us.  However, I still remember when I found out number three was on the way, we were very happy. When it came time to go to the hospital, I still remember as clear as day, Aunt Jan came as soon as I called to take care of our then 21 month old Marcus.  Brian got the car pulled into the parking lot, I gave Marcus a hug and kiss as well as Aunt Jan.  I got into the car, Brian shut the door, and I got teary...I said, how can we love another? After the delivery of Luke and recovering in the hospital for a few hours, Brian brought Marcus to visit his baby brother. With him, he brought his little New Testament Bible and stood up on a chair to look at the baby, he had the biggest smile on his face and proudly announced the Bible was for "Wookie" (as he was affectionately called at the time pronounced with the you sound).  I knew then, it would be okay.

Fast forward to finding out we were expecting another little person....I again questioned, how will we love this child? How will we do it? They will be closer in age than Marcus and Luke.  We go to deliver and again, there were no issues when the boys came to meet John. 

John with daddy and his brothers.

John meets Thomas

Genevieve Mommy and Becky
Marcus Luke and Genevieve
Timothy and mommy
We were then blessed with Thomas, and later Genevieve, sadly, I miscarried (very early in pregnancy) a child in November of 2012. I remember the sadness and anger I felt. But had to focus on the blessings I was given, there were some tough days. I want to say it gets easier, but you NEVER, EVER forget.  We were going to announce the child at Christmas as part of the children's present. That didn't happen, we had to share sorrow earlier....HOWEVER...A few months later, we were blessed with little Timothy...
a true blessing and joy to anyone who knows him.

NOW on to the answers to the questions... can you love them all? ABSOLUTELY. will they have everything, NO, but they don't need everything. will you have enough hug/kisses? More than enough to go around and more to spare, and the return is even better!! Can we meet their needs? You certainly can!

fun with daddy

A dear friend told me of this example she heard on a talk show, and it was PERFECT! 

When you have a dark room and light a candle, the room gets a little brighter...when you light a second, there is more you light more candles, the room becomes increasingly brighter...this happens to your heart as well...the more children you have, the more hugs you have, the more kisses you have, the more LOVE you is me, 

All I can say, is each child God has blessed us with are amazing, unique individuals, growing up in a family that is full of love! Just enjoy each one for who they are and let your LOVE SHINE.
Remember the song, "This Little Light of Mine"?
Well, that is what they, let the light shine and have fun!

Until next time,
God Bless!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Much has gone on in our state of PA...and in the Little Town That Could, Schuylkill Haven.
Judge Jones allowed same-sex marriage to be legal in the state of PA.

First, let me state that marriage is: the formal union of ONE man and ONE woman, typically recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife, in order to procreate.
Sure, the people that write the dictionaries can change the meaning of words to make it be acceptable.

Well..A bakery has turned away lesbian couple who wanted a cake for their "ceremony."  The bakery has taken a lot of negative hits...people are saying that they hope this business goes out of business...they should just make the cake...

I personally feel the bakery did the right thing by sticking to their beliefs.

I have had someone ask, what if one of your children say they are gay? My answer? I would still love them, I would sit them down and go back to the basics of our religion and the teachings of the Church, I would pray for that child..that he/she goes to Confession, repents of the sin, avoids the near occasion of sin turn his/her life around.

I truly do not believe God made people gay, I mean, really...If God made Adam in His likeness...that would mean that Adam was made perfect...without sin, he was lonely, so guess what...God presented all the animals and none were pleasing to the eye of Adam, God then put Adam into a deep sleep and took a rib...from that rib, God created woman.....Adam was pleased..God then told them to go and fill the earth.  God didn't make another man for Adam....Sure, Eve was tempted by the devil, and Adam followed suit..they were banned from the Garden of Eden....God did promise them a Saviour...

Guess what?! That Saviour was Jesus Christ....He forgave sins, He obeyed His Father and went obediently to the Cross. On that Cross, Jesus was crucified, through His death on the Cross, He opened the gates of Heaven that were closed. Through His death, He gives us the ability to receive grace, to get the grace, we need to repent of our sins, be truly sorry, confess our sins and avoid the sin and near occasion of sins...we are able to do this through the sacraments that He has given us in the Church...We have the ability to go to CONFESSION, to clean our souls..We can't just say "I accept Jesus as my Savior" won't all be finished.

I am not here to judge anyone, only God can do that...we have 2 judgements to come to us, one at our death and one at the final judgement.  Those who think sodomy is not sinful, you are is sin...(the dictionary even gives this definition: unnatural or abnormal sexual intercourse.)

We can not go to Heaven with sin on our souls, we need to be in the state of grace...No matter how many "good deeds" you have done, will not put you on the path to Heaven....SIN IS SIN, no matter which way you cut it. Sin will put you on the path to Hell.

People are afraid of death, they ignore the truth that someday, we WILL die.  We do have a small say in where we go, Heaven, Purgatory, Hell...these places are real.  Sin will put you on the path to Hell.
People are afraid of death, they ignore the truth that someday, we WILL die.  I pray that I go to Heaven, as well as my family and friends, however, we are not perfect so I expect to go to Purgatory, I sure as hell, don't want to spend eternity in Hell. Do you?

I truly pray that all who are in the state of sin, any kind of find sit down and examine your conscious, be truly sorry, go to confession and stay the path.
These are my beliefs, that is the way it is, so, take it or leave it, who knows, maybe I can help someone get back to the Church.
God Bless....

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Well, here it is January 22, 2014 and I have a bit of a heavy heart.
OKAY, I lie, my heart is heavy.

It is 10:08 am, and I am suppose to be on a bus going to March for Life 
with the littles and husband, instead, I am at home
writing this.

Why aren't you you may ask or wonder. I am going to tell you what happened so far today in our lives.

Brian and I got up shortly after 5am to get ready then woke the children to get them ready around 5:30.  Marcus and Luke were the easiest. I helped them get all their layers on, three layers to be exact, then continued to the younger boys then Genevieve and finally Timothy.

Brian went to warm the van for us and loaded some of our things,
stroller, cooler and 3 children, we were out the door by 6:30 to be at the parking garage in Pottsville for 7:15 (yes, early, but taking precautions due to roads/weather).

Brian called Father to see if the bus was on the way to Pottsville. Father tells Brian the bus is an hour late. The company had multiple cancellations for today and thought that we were included in the list,
even though a call was made yesterday to confirm pick up times.

Since the bus would be arriving at Pottsville at 8:15 we decided to grab a coffee then ran for a few more things for the cooler at Giant and back to the garage to wait.

Finally at 8:06 am, we get out of the van, unload the stroller, cooler and backpack. Everyone has something to carry to make it a bit easier for everyone. 

As we are walking, John starts crying really bad that he is cold.  We get down the steps and the crying gets worse, it sounds like he is being hurt or something. By the time Brian gets to us with Genevieve,
John is a major mess.  Daddy sensors go off and he tells me, you will take him home.
Naturally, as I was the one who REALLY, REALLY wanted to go, and for a long time, tried to fight
his words of wisdom.

Now, to give a bit of credit to John, I will say it was cold, as you took a breath, the inside of my nose got "stuck", but at the same time, I found it to be invigorating

In the end, Brian did "win", he loaded the 4 youngest in the van, I am still angry and disappointed by what has happened.
I drive home with them, get everyone undressed and blanketed.  
Now they are playing and listening to music.

BUT there is another twist here:

I get an email from Brian telling me the school where the bus drops off and you get back on is closed, so this means there is no coffee/donuts waiting there for their arrival and there will be no soup tonight for the return trip home.

Naturally, I did pack food for the trip as well as water bottles. I gave Brian the last little bit of cash I had on hand as well as the insurance cards for Marcus and Luke, you never know what will happen.

So, as I sit in our house with my four youngest children, I want to cry and continue to be angry about not being in Washington today. I know this is wrong and am going to do my best to fight these 
feelings.  I would sincerely appreciate prayers for the safety of my family and for peace for me.

God knows what is best for our family at every moment of our life. If I come to terms with this, and just accept it, this will be all the easier to deal with the disappointment.
I will offer up my disappointment for the babies whose mothers do not chose life.
We can always try again next year.

Until then, I did say I'd blog about the trip, and I will, unfortunately, it won't be my words, it will be through my children's eyes, which can be even more descriptive and inspiring, so stay tuned!

God bless!

Monday, January 20, 2014


Anyone who knows me, knows I am always trying to get rid of things and
It is a constant battle in a house with 6 children under the age of eight!
I try, but never seem to get rid of enough.

Well, today, I have an eye opening conversation with my dear, sweet, smart
Marcus that I would like to share with you it taught us both 
 This little face became the opening of a deep conversation! Thank you Timothy!!  
The conversation goes like this:

 Marcus: "Mommy, why is Timmy always so happy?"
 Me: "Well, it's like this, Timmy is happy because he doesn't have a lot of things to clutter his mind and take away from his happiness and joy. He was born into the world with NO clothing, but a family that loves him.  He doesn't have very many things, and so he doesn't realize the "want/need" for more."
 Marcus: "Oh, I see. Well, he really is happy!"

Marcus with his little brother Timothy, he doesn't know the impact a smile will have!

Me: "Yes, son, he is, and we can be too...we can declutter and get rid of things in order to take our minds off all the things that need to be done or of the things we think we want or need.  We can declutter our house and our mind and be happy!"
 brief silence
Me:  "I have an example I want to share with you Marcus."
Marcus: "Okay." sits and listens again
Me:  "I really was hoping to get a Kindle to get some books downloaded for school and religious reading, BUT, because we have need to keep food on the table, clothes on our backs, heat in the house (top priority) and we need a new vehicle (top priority as well), it isn't possible for mommy to get a Kindle right now, maybe down the road it will happen, (I was looking at the Staples ad last night just to get an idea of the price.) but I really don't care. I don't care because it may make me happy for a short time, but I know in the long run, it will not be the thing that makes me happy. It is another "something" that will take up space, and in the end, I can't take it with me, so does it really matter if I have a Kindle or not? The same goes for you children, more things won't make you happy in the end, only your love for God will do that."
 Marcus: "I see, I guess you are right."
As the conversation ended, I finished changing Timmy's diaper, snapped his outfit back up to keep him warm, Marcus went off to get ready to eat breakfast.
Next thing I do is check my email.  In it was a message from a very special person, asking if I have need for a Kindle.  
Mind you, I NEVER SAID A WORD TO THIS PERSON about wishing I had one for school purposes.
I truly believe that the Holy Spirit had everything to do with all that transpired today from the talk with Marcus down to the email I received.
I will be saying some extra prayers for my benefactor throughout the day and evening.
  I called my husband and told him what happened and he agreed that it was intervention by God and/or the Holy Ghost. And we are being blessed in this

I hope one day you have the benefit of knowing the Spirit the way It has come to me today.  

Thank you Lord for sending such caring people into our lives, and thank you for knowing what our needs are without really saying anything to anyone.

May you all experience a declutter of heart, head and home and be more open to the gifts that God has in store for you!

God bless!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Gearing up!

We have been toying with going to March for Life ever since Marcus was a little guy.
Every year we found a reason to not go, the youngest is too little, it is too cold,
to long of a ride, someone is sick...
Well, this is THE year.
We are going, I don't care how little the youngest is, I don't care how cold it is,
I don't care how long the ride is, and I don't really care if someone is sick
(okay, maybe that one is a bit extreme, but you get my point)
Washington DC, get ready,
 the Smith clan is coming!
We will be leaving Pottsville at about 7:15 a.m on a bus trip that is being sponsored by 
St. Joseph/St. Vincent Churches in Girardville.

Marcus and Luke have gotten to ride on an STS bus with their nana once, but that is the extent of bus
rides for them. The children have never been on a Metro, but have ridden on trains. They are looking forward to both experiences.

I just pray that they all are good for the ride, and well, if not, it is the way life goes.
Some of the children have their opinions on this for example,
Thomas says we are going to "March from Life"
Luke says that we are walking for babies,
Marcus says it will be interesting.

 I already know I am going to be proud of our children at this event. I am thankful that we have this opportunity to walk for the unborn children.

Once we started having more children, we keep telling them that:
"A person is a person, no matter how small."
-Dr. Seuss

If our presence there changes the mind of even one person, then it is all worth it.
Life begins at conception, there is NO doubt in my mind,
I am strong in my faith and believe that all pregnancies happen for a reason.
Everyone of them is a person being formed for survival in the world as we know it here, but even
more so that person is being made ready to spend eternity in Heaven with our Creator.
Without Him, nothing is possible.
He knows what is best for us all every moment of every day of our life.

We must not get into the mind frame of, abortion is okay in certain circumstances...that is false.
How can you even think of KILLING another person, let alone an unborn CHILD?!?
Respect Life, Respect God, Chose Life and Chose God.

The ultrasound pictures here show Timothy in utero during the 3-D ultrasound, you will notice he is sucking his thumb, sticking his tongue out and his eye is open...
what more can you say, but it is a baby, that is a PERSON!

open eye.

sucking the thumb

sticking out the tongue.

Psalm 139:13-14
13 For you created my inmost being;
    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.

God bless you!

Monday, January 6, 2014

SO, What's NEW?!?

So, what's new since I have last posted...
Summer was a warm one, but the children got to enjoy swimming at the Minersville pool, two trips to Knoebles, a trip to Hershey park, Crystal Cave, Roadside America, trips to Rickett's Glenn Sgtate Park and World's End State park, the Reading Muesum, a Reading Phillies game and multiple playdates with different friends. In August, we had the bittersweet reunion of the Mills family here in 
Pennsylvania as we had to say goodbye to "Grandfather Lance".

We welcomed Timothy Michael to our family on
Sept. 18, 2013 after an early delivery by 3 weeks,
he was considerably small...7 lb 10 oz, 20" long.
We had a lot of help from friends with the children while I was in the hospital, for which we are thankful.

 Upon hospital discharge, we celebrated Marcus' 8th birthday with a party at home 
complete with friends and a chess cake, again without our friends help, it would have not been possible.
Then on Sunday, Sept. 25, we celebrated Timothy's baptism.
Brian had to go back to work on Monday as the paper was short staffed to begin with, so I was 
back to mommy duty, HOWEVER, I did let school go for a while...something had to give.
Needless to say, life was a bit crazy for a while, but we are all pretty well settled into being a family with 7 children.
Timothy is a delight to all of his siblings, we wouldn't want it any other way!
Our princess has decided to rename herself, "Sugar Plum Princess".
Thomas has become "Bomb".
The rest of the children seem to like their names which is a blessing!

The autumn left us with some fun activities, including festivals and hayrides. Halloween this past year was very wet, but the children had fun, none the less.
We walked around town with some friends, but ended up having to throw the 
candy away as there was a pin found in a piece of candy that was handed out in one of the
areas in which we were, we figured better safe than sorry...the kiddos didn't seem to mind terribly.
We had a Roman soldier, Robin Hood, Ninja Turtle, Bomb the Angry bird, Sugar Plum fairy and 
a cute little guy in the first Halloween sleeper.

Thanksgiving was spent at my father and stepmother's home and was very nice.
On Dec. 6, we celebrated John's 5th birthday at the Pine Grove Theater and watched "Planes".
He had many friends at the party, and everyone seemed to have a good time! This is the cake he had on his "real" the party for convenience it was cupcakes.

  Christmas was a good time as well...we had our traditional Christmas Eve celebration here
with family and friends. However, I did go to Mass early, and Brian took Marcus and Luke to midnight Mass.  In the morning, which wasn't until about 9 am, the children woke up and opened their gifts, everyone seemed pleased.  We had our Christmas day dinner with some friends then 
Luke's godparents came to visit in the evening.

For New Year's Eve, we stayed home..again I went to Mass early, and Brian took Marcus the following morning.  My father, stepmother, and Brian's mom came for dinner.
Throughout the holiday, we had to deal with the fast moving stomach virus. And the week before the holiday, Timothy was diagnosed with bronchiolitis, it must work itself out as it is viral as well.
Here is hoping that we have seen the worst of the sickness for our family, but if not, we will 
handle it as it comes.

School officially started back on Monday, January 6 for us, and the boys were anxious to
get back into a routine, which made life much easier!

That is a brief overview of what has happened to us as we bid farewell to 2013 
and welcome in the year 2014.
We look forward to the year of 2014 and in it, our family is hoping to grow more spiritually
and to do things even better than before....
may you all have a spiritually blessed New Year!
With all my love to you!
God Bless!